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IoT Solutions

AM-BITS has hands-on experience in the implementation of IoT solutions for enterprise-grade customers. We leverage Apache Hadoop HDP/HDF to build MPP (massively parallel processing) systems and TIBCO tools for data virtualization.


Combining the best technologies enables us to create a hardware and software ecosystem with an event-oriented architecture, and optimize the interaction of sensors and other interconnected network devices at all the stages of a business cycle:

  • Real-time monitoring and data collection based on predefined event-driven triggers
  • Data transfer to main nodes and servers of an enterprise network
  • Data Processing and Predictive Analytics
  • Multi-channel data integration
  • Holistic presentation of the obtained results

The IoT-driven approach allows for automated real-time data exchange while minimizing the human factor. It makes IoT solutions gain much traction across industries – large retailing, mobile telecom, FinTech, eCommerce, banking services, and many others. IoT solutions are at the core of such global giants as Amazon, Google, Airbus, Cisco, CAT, and General Electric. 

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