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Infrastructure Solutions

Storage Systems, Computing Architecture, Networking Solutions

We focus on developing individual IT strategies and implementing infrastructure projects. The solutions are based on effective methods and trusted technologies from the world’s leading equipment vendors. 


We develop our infrastructure projects with an emphasis on the following areas:

AM-BITS offers the development and implementation of computing infrastructures:

  • Solutions based on the standard x86/x64 architecture – for any workloads, including building of platforms to maintain databases.
  • High Performance Computing Platforms (HPC). Introducing purpose-specific tools for big data processing into array infrastructure, the integration of single nodes into computing clusters.

AM-BITS offers a full range of data storage systems:

  • The core of a storage area network (SAN).
  • Traditional data storage systems in the form of a physical device, designed to work with online data.
  • Software-defined data storages, designed as software running on standard x86 architecture servers in the cloud environment.
  • Horizontally scalable data storage systems that allow to create a file system that supports up to several dozen petabytes for storing both structured and unstructured data.
  • Specialized data storage systems with enhanced functionality for data backups and repositories.

AM-BITS professionals offer adaptive hyper-converged platforms that allow to:

  • Ensure fast deployment by eliminating the fragmentation, typical for traditional IT environments.
  • High scalability and a linear increase in productivity, without interrupting the business applications workflow.
  • Improve the operational efficiency of IT departments through the use of convenient, optimized management tools.
  • Ensure the transition to an entire software-defined data center.

AM-BITS specialists are ready to provide virtualization solutions from the world’s leaders of the industry:

  • Virtualization of computing resources.
  • Virtualization of storage systems.
  • Virtualization of desktop infrastructure and application software (VDI).

AM-BITS develops solutions ensuring a high level of accessibility for critical business applications:

  • Applications and services clustering.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP).
  • Building of catastrophe-resistant computing systems.

AM-BITS tech team develops the most balanced solution for protection of critical data:

  • Cross-platform infrastructure.
  • Systems supporting  data deduplication and replication on hardware level.
  • Verification of data backups.

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