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IT Security Solutions

Since most business processes are digitally driven nowadays, ensuring cybersecurity becomes a priority.


Key areas:

  • All-out monitoring and protection of email and enterprise users (Cisco ESA).
  • Protection and control of user web traffic with a multi-level, holistic, and integrated approach (Cisco WSA).
  • Protection against threats before, during and after attacks. Application monitoring and control, intrusion and malware protection, URL filtering (Cisco NGFW). 
  • User protection, both within the corporate network and beyond (Cisco Umbrella).
  • Identification and access control to a corporate network (Cisco ISE).
  • Network security monitoring and analysis, detection of hidden threats, and investigation. (Cisco Stealthwatch).
  • Simplification of network segmentation (TrustSec).
  • Network DDoS attacks protection.

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