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Big Data Solutions

Storage, processing and analysis
of large-scale enterprise data

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IoT Solutions

Building a single ecosystem for real-time
data monitoring from sensors and other devices

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AI, ML and Predictive

Training high-performance ML
models for your business

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Infrastructure Solutions

Computational infrastructure, data storage
systems, data virtualization systems
• Data Storage Systems
• Computational architecture
• Networking Solutions

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IT Security Solutions

Robust protection to safeguard against
cyberthreats of any level and complexity

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Monitoring and Technical

Enhanced stability and functionality
of your enterprise infrastructure

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We help
companies gain a technological edge
while implementing innovative ideas

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Our Cases

Technology leadership, as we at AM-BITS understand it, is a combination of proficiency, experience, and innovation
  • • Cost-effective data storage and data provision
    • Capability to process heteregenous data at a time
    • Real-time data exchange, creation of analytical forecasts and reports
    • Big Data governance. Efficiency, quality, and security of business data

  • • Scalable storage capacity and warehouse
    • ROI> 200% for the first stage and over 500% for further
    • Data virtualization for streamlined data handling
    • Cutting down of data preparation and publication costs by up to 75%

  • • A robust model built on recurrent neural networks
    • The optimal depth and discreteness of the data collected
    • Short-term energy consumption forecast for procurement planning
    • Prediction accuracy of 96.4–99.5%.

  • • Building a fault tolerant distributed network
    • Performance improvement
    • Inegration of vPC traffic balancing technology
    • Enhanced speed of business processes

  • • Complete network protection
    • Organization of web and e-mail security
    • In-depth traffic monitoring
    • Automatic blocking of dangerous sites
    • Seamless integration with other IT security tools

  • • Automated real-time monitoring of the business apps performance
    • Creating a single source of truth
    • Proactive search and treatment of critical errors
    • In-depth online analytics and data visualization


We are grateful to the AM-BITS team for their help in setting up the AppDynamics solution, which has been an effective tool for preventing application flaws, minimizing troubleshooting time, and providing quick fixes.

Evgeniy Ryzhkov,
Foreign Enterprise «1+1 Production»

We at DELL Technologies value our partnership and would like to thank you for the amazing results throughout this challenging year.

Vytautas Ambrazaitis,
Channel Manager Dell Technologies