Cisco awarded AM-BITS as the innovative partner of 2019

Cisco awarded AM-BITS as the innovative partner of 2019

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We are proud that Cisco has recognized us as the innovative partner of 2019.

Such an assessment of our efforts to introduce innovative technologies is an excellent motivation for the further development of the company.

About Cisco

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is a global technology leader headquartered in San Jose, California, the USA. The company offers top-tier hardware and software solutions, and services in the areas of IT, networking, cybersecurity, telecommunications and other high-technology. For more details, please visit Cisco’s Technology News website.


AM-BITS LLC is a leading system integrator of infrastructure, networking, and IT security solutions based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Empowered by the best innovations in the field of Big Data, AI, and ML, the company provides its enterprise and SMB customers with the best-in-class software & hardware products and services. All the tech solutions it offers, are backed by the world’s top vendors.

AM-BITS’ extensive expertise and customer-centered approach bear fruit in terms of establishing trust and credibility on a global scale. The company is proud to be listed on the most acclaimed reviews & ratings platforms.

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