AM-BITS to Participate in AI & BigData 2019

AM-BITS to Participate in AI & BigData 2019

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AM-BITS LLC is happy to join one of the most iconic IT events in Ukraine – the International Conference AI & BigData Day 2019 Main, which for the fifth time gathers in Lviv the best experts in the area of innovative Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data solutions.

At the moment, more than 40 speakers and over 400 attendees have already registered, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, Data Science, Machine & Deep Learning, Big Data and AI specialists from Ukraine, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Yevgen Manzhulyanov, CEO of AM-BITS LLC, who has over 20 years of experience in implementing successful IT solutions, is going to become one of the speakers of the conference. Topic: “Enterprise DataHub on Apache Hadoop Platform”.

The presentation will show how modern Big Data solutions can help businesses in terms of aggregation, processing and presentation of enterprise-grade data. On the example of successfully implemented cases, the conference participants will get insightful answers on why the integration of a holistic ecosystem based on Apache Hadoop is the optimal solution for large enterprises, especially when it comes to the efficient and safe organization, storage and governance of large-scale business data sets.

Al & Big Data Conference
Arena Lviv conference halls

Conference venue and date

Al & Big Data Conference will be held on November 15, 2019 in the city of Lviv, in the conference halls of the Arena Lviv sports complex. Address: Ukraine, Lviv, st. Striyskaya, 199

Hosts of the conference

Lemberg Tech Business School, an organization with a 10-year history of hosting international IT conferences such as Lviv Mobile Development Day, GameDev Conference, Lviv PM Day and Lviv Freelance Forum.

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