Wi-Fi Network Modernization based on Cisco Meraki



Hotel chain




10+ stores
200+ suites
250+ employees
3 restaurants
4 conference halls of various size


Provide high quality and availability of Wi-Fi network coverage for guests and hotel staff.


According to the radio prospecting and radio frequency interference check test, we defined the number, type and optimal placement of access points complying with the terms of reference and Meraki standards.
The solution included:

  • Meraki MR52 Cloud Managed AP and Meraki MR33 Cloud Managed AP access points that support all modern standards to cover the required area and provide access to the network with acceptable bandwidth for both ultramodern and outdated users’ Wi-Fi devices.
  • Meraki MS225-24P L2 Stck Cld-Mngd 24x GigE 370W PoE switches, capable of transferring power to access points via a standard twisted pair without installing additional power supplies.
  • A cloud-based management service with an intuitive interface for quick registering of new equipment, setting access policies, changing access point settings and managing a network from any location using any available device.
  • The proposed solution allows to collect information on the behaviour of visitors, and the time and duration of network use with respect to users’ locations.
  • The functionality of Cisco Meraki enabled an interaction with users: informing visitors about current offers and discounts via mobile advertising; encouraging their participation in promo campaigns by giving away bonuses for “Check-in” and “Like” on social networks; attracting customers with electronic coupons; sending personalized notifications, congratulations, etc.
  • Equipment technical support for 3 years including 24/7 support from the manufacturer and equipment parts replacement in case of a failure.

Cloud-based management, seamless roaming and smooth network scalability based on Cisco Meraki technology.
High speed and security with Layer 7 firewall and Real-time WIDS/WIPS.
Reliable coverage for 10+ floors, 200+ rooms and 250+ employees, along with segmented access for guests.

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