The Quality of Network Services (QoS) Ensurance

Monitoring and Technical Support


Insurance company


Finance services


1000+ employees


To ensure the quality of enterprise network services during peak network loads in accordance with customer requirements.


The implementation of QoS included the following steps:
Identify applications and traffic types that require QoS.
Compile a list of applications and traffic types requiring gradation and prioritization.
Capturing and setting the direction and passing of traffic flows.
Capturing and setting marking or re-marking traffic zones.
Identification and configuration of zones requiring ensured bandwidth for pre-defined applications and traffic types.
Generating requirements and configuring parameters for selected applications or traffic classes (with ensured channel capacity and marking).


Improved quality of enterprise services at the head and regional offices to ensure robust communication of over 1000 distributed employees. Stable 24/7 operational efficiency of over 20 business applications and network resources.

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