Measurement of Employee KPIs

Big Data


International bank


Financial sector


≥500 offices
≥8000 employees


To provide the customer with an effective tool for measuring sales department staff KPIs.


Building of Azure Cloud infrastructure. Azure Blob Storage containers formed the basis of the architecture. Process automation of uploading local files into blob containers along with data enrichment.
Creation of Azure Analysis Services model based on business logic and customer’s data to measure employee KPIs.
Building of Power BI business analysis dashboards, integration between Power BI and the AAS model. Process automation of daily data uploads, recalculation of both individual and total KPIs with regard to the date, metrics, city, and branch.
Three set AD access groups, defined AAS data filtering rules, proof tested process of user transaction from one group into another.


Creation of a powerful tool for measuring sales department staff KPIs. Building of a robust Azure Analysis Services model and Power BI business analysis dashboards. In-depth analytics leveraging the insights of ML, Azure Cognitive Services and EDWH data. A single reliable reporting method has been ensured.

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