Full-Fledged Network Security

IT Security


TV and radio company


Mass media




Ensure robust protection of the customer’s network while providing strong web and email security.


The following components were implemented:
Cisco ISE
Installation and configuration of the user access control system to the network (dot1x, MAB) with the dynamic assignment of access rules depending on the group in Active directory (AD).
Cisco ESA
An additional check of incoming and outgoing mail for spam, viruses, and malicious files was provided.
Custom mail processing rules are set up.  Integration with other security tools using AMP Unity has been implemented.
Cisco WSA
Company’s web segment protection via authenticated Internet access for all enterprise users (by AD groups), anti-virus scanning of all downloaded files, blocking suspicious and malicious sites and files, and compartmented access to selected URL categories and site applications.
HTTPS traffic inspection is provided, which makes performing all the above security measures possible with encrypted traffic as well.
Improved network visibility.
Fast detection of zero-day malware.
Stealthwatch integration with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to accelerate response to incidents.
Data Center Protection.


Enhanced customer network security due to Cisco ISE, ESA, WSA and Stealthwatch security solutions.
All-out web and email user activities protection.
In-depth traffic monitoring.
Seamless integration with other network security tools using pxGrid and AMP Unity.

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