Distributed Network Modernization



Retail network




≥150 stores
≥1000 employees


To enhance the performance and availability of the distributed network for a retail chain.


By integrating the high-performance line of Cisco Nexus 7700 series switches we were able to build a productive fault-tolerant network while using vPC – one of the most advanced traffic aggregation and balancing Cisco Systems technologies.
Utilising the Cisco Nexus 7702 Series switches in the project allowed for:

  • Reorganization of redundant connections between data centres into trunk links.
  • Compact form factor (3RU) allows us to solve the problem despite the high density of equipment and almost complete lack of free space in one of the data centres.
  • Support for high-density Ethernet ports despite the compact size of the device: 48×1 GE, 48×10 GE, 24×40 GE or 12×100 GE ports.
  • Support for almost all Layer 2 and Layer 3 features specific to the Cisco Nexus 7700 Series.
  • Low power consumption.

Integration of Cisco Nexus 7700 switches and vPC technology.
Improved performance and high fault tolerance of remote (30 km) network data centres.
Smooth compatibility with all the network functions and equipment of the retail chain.
Sales growth due to increased speed of business processes.

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