Infrastructure solutions

We develop individual IT strategies and implement projects based on the effective methods and proven technologies of market leaders as HPE, Cisco, DELL, Juniper, Cloudera, VMWare, Oracle and others:

  • computing infrastructure, storage systems, virtualization systems;
  • building linear-scalable multinode systems for data collection, processing, storage and analysis;
  • Creation of scalable, fault-tolerant geographically distributed networks;
  • The implementation of IT security systems.

List of main services:

  • Design and implementation of network and computing infrastructures (server, storage systems, virtualization systems).
  • Management of large groups of equipment and automation of networks.
  • Designing and implementing projects to provide comprehensive IT security.
  • Implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring systems based on commercial products and open source solutions.
  • Service support.

Computing infrastructure

AM-BITS company offers the development and implementation of computing infrastructures:

  • Solutions on the standard x86 / x64 architecture – for any load, including the construction of platforms for database maintenance.
  • Creating high-performance computing (HPC) services. The introduction into the infrastructure of arrays of specialized means for processing large data, the integration of individual nodes into computing clusters.
  • Hyper-Convergent Storage Systems are implemented as a complete device and implement not only storage service, but also provide computing resources.

Storage systems

AM-BITS offers the implementation of a full range of storage systems:

  • Classic Storage Systems are designed to work with on-line data and implemented as a complete physical device.
  • Hyper-Convergent Storage Systems are implemented as a complete device and implement not only storage service, but also provide computing resources.
  • Software-defined storage (Software-defined storage) are implemented in the form of software running on servers of the standard x86 architecture.
  • Horizontally scalable storage systems allow you to create a file system of several dozen petabytes for storing both structured and unstructured data.
  • Specialized storage systems for backups and archives have additional functionality, such as WORM, emulation of tape libraries.

Virtual infrastructure

AM-BITS experts offer solutions for virtualization from leaders of this market segment:

  • Virtualization of computing resources.
  • Virtualization of storage systems.
  • Virtualization of workplaces and applications (VDI).

Business Continuity Solutions

AM-BITS develops solutions that aim to prevent interruptions to mission-critical services in case if a disaster has occurred, and to make it possible to maintain essential functions of an organization during, as well as after disaster:

  • Applications and services clustering.
  • Continuous data protection (CDP).
  • The building of disaster-proof datacenters.

Backup and recovery systems

AM-BITS experts develop the most sustainable solution for your critical data protection:

  • Protection of cross-platform infrastructure.
  • Systems with hardware deduplication and data replication support.
  • Backup verification.