BigData solutions

Company AM-BITS has formed a team of certified Big Data engineers and provides a full range of services for the development and implementation of solutions based on product Hortonworks Hadoop HDP/HDF.

Big Data-based solutions allow you to cost effectively solve business problems in all areas: storage, processing, analysis and prediction, using structured and unstructured enterprise data, which does not allow you to get the result within a reasonable time intervals or in principle cannot be processed using classic approaches using relational databases and single-nodal computing resources.

«Currently, 73% to 60 from data that companies have accumulated still are not used for purposes of business analysts, and this is unacceptable at the time when profound analytical knowledge of clients and not just are a prerequisite for participation in the competition against”  have noted Forrester analysts Mike Gualtieri and Noel Johanna in a report about introduction of Hadoop.

The Foundation for any Big Data solutions is to build a system of active archive hortonworks based HDP/Hive. Use when you build your solution, HDP/Hive + Cisco DV CIS allow to solve the tasks as follows:

  • Building of corporate Data Lake for collecting disparate data from multiple sources, their further multithreaded transformation and analysis.
  • Lowering the cost of storing and handling large volumes of corporate data, placed as in EDW (central data store) as in a variety of disparate sources.
  • Unification of access to various data sources and their interaction.
  • Reduction of the time for the formation of analytical reporting / reporting online.
  • Decrease peak loads on data sources that arise during constructing reports.
  • Providing composite analysis reporting based on the data accumulated in Active Archive and data from multiple heterogeneous sources.