Applications monitoring (APM)

Cisco Appdynamics overview

AppDynamics is a single set of applications and solutions in the field of business performance that ensures each part of even the most complex multi-cloud environment to be well visible and optimized to ensure business growth.

This solution comprises innovative technology that you won’t find in any other performance monitoring systems solutions. AppDynamics is based on the smartest approach to the monitoring application performance and on the user experience, namely App iQ Platform.

Application Performance Management

AppDynamics APM automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes critical customer transactions through service applications and infrastructure dependencies.  The team has a single source of truth to focus on end-to-end performance in the context of the customer experience, instead of monitoring of separate services.

Baseline performance

Through machine learning, we know what normal performance is, so we can alert you when it’s not. AppDynamics APM is integrated with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira so that you can be immediately alerted and fix problems before the customer notices it.

Call-level diagnostic

The system has deep diagnostic abilities and allows you to determine and indicate the cause of the problem in a particular line of code.

Answers in context

Application data, infrastructure data, and business data are automatically correlated in time.

End User Monitoring

The system allows tracking of every Business Transaction across a user session with fast and deep diagnostics.

  • Get deep code visibility into web and mobile apps
  • Automatic errors capture, network requests, crashes, page load details, and other metrics for an entire user session
  • Identification of front-end issues and understanding how third-party APIs and content services affect apps and web performance
  • Get traceability from front-end to back-end application dependencies through APM

Proactively manage key business transactions

  • Respond quickly to web application performance issues
  • Consistently and actively monitoring of key web application users with auto-discovery of related Business Transactions
  • Proactive identification and receiving of alerts on issues with intelligent baselining and error verification
  • Quick troubleshooting and fixing of application issues with Business Transaction correlation within the session context

Increase customer satisfaction and conversions by managing end-user performance

  • Provides better business outcomes by managing user response times for all geographies of users
  • Correlation of mobile app crashes to business outcomes
  • Optimization of customer experience by capturing the performance of every user journey interaction
  • Increases conversion and satisfaction by tracking and analyzing Business Transactions and third party contributions

Infrastructure Visibility

Server Visibility Module allows getting insights into the machine and infrastructure-level metrics like disk I/O, throughput, CPU utilization, and memory usage.

Database Performance

Unique agentless database collector that needs no installation or configuration on the database server, so it’s easy to deploy and configure.

Network Visibility

Auto-discovery of load balancers and visualization of network performance metrics in the context of application performance.

Low infrastructure load

AppDynamics allows you to manage the infrastructure without creating an additional burden on it, is available for both on-premise and SaaS deployments.

Business Performance Monitoring

What is Business IQ?

Business iQ gives immediate, clear, actionable correlations between application performance, user experience, and business outcomes.

Answers in context

Is important to understand how application performance impacts your customer and business. Streaming of contextual insights for every transaction, customer segment, code release, or complete business service.

Simplified data exploration

Easily explore event and metric data from applications, infrastructure and end-user journeys with a SQL-based AppD Query Language (ADQL).

Focus on what matters most

Application and business KPIs are analyzed and visualized from a single, unified platform empowering application teams to justify investments and prioritize code development and release.

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