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Tech Geek’s Dedication, Professionalism & Expertise Leads AM-BITS on the Road to Success: GoodFirms

Helping companies attain a technological edge while implementing innovative ideas endows AM-BITS amongst the top IT services providers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

Overview of the Company:

Incorporated in 2016, AM-BITS is the verified and trusted business in blending complete infrastructure solutions and large-scale data governance systems for enterprises. The team leverages the world’s best practices in Big Data, AI, ML, and IoT to create a cost-effective software and hardware, enterprise-ready model. The expert team of professionals dovetails the most actionable innovative solutions with comprehensive, successful integration expertise to assist companies in gaining a technological edge while working with enterprise-grade data. The professionals at AM-BITS are confident in building a successful business based on innovative ideas and a cost-effective IT platform.

While developing the solutions, the whole AM-BITS team is guided by the value principles such as customer-focus, innovative approach, experience, teamwork, quality, reasonable prices, and a few others. Taking a business into a first public offering is often the peak of years of grind and focus. However, for Yevgen Manzhulyanov, CEO of AM-BITS, earning a position at GoodFirms in different categories was the continuation of an already successful story. The team serves the clients to simplify, strengthen, and modify their businesses. They do this through a high focus on client commitment, industry expertise, and innovation.

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AM-BITS Key milestones

GoodFirm’ Research Methodology:

GoodFirms is a repository of the world’s most prominent, efficient, and well-performing IT organizations and software solutions. With its groundbreaking and reliable research process, GoodFirms has been investigating and reviewing businesses and software that could be of help to service-seekers. The enrolled companies are further probed based on the three most basic parameters of GoodFirms search process, viz Quality, Ability, and Reliability.

Analogously, GoodFirms examined AM-BITS and asserted it to be one of the leading companies in providing exceptional services and solutions in IT services and BIG Data & BI enlisted at GoodFirms. The researchers also concluded that the firm would soon burgeon amongst the flourishing companies at GoodFirms, rendering technical support to the service-seekers.

Analogously, GoodFirms examined AM-BITS and asserted it to be one of the leading companies in providing exceptional services and solutions in IT services and BIG Data & BI enlisted at GoodFirms. The researchers also concluded that the firm would soon burgeon amongst the flourishing companies at GoodFirms, rendering technical support to the service-seekers.

The below-mentioned is the debrief from the evaluation report made by the GoodFirms team for AM-BITS.

Proffering Robust IT Services:

AM-BITS is a top-notch IT service provider of high-end business solutions to purchasers worldwide. With profound knowledge in different spheres, the team enables the clients to reach their goals faster than before. The recipe is very simple: the experts at AM-BITS bring together high-level performance, international standards, innovations, and passion in each step of their work.

Moreover, the company’s experts provide IT services to clients worldwide, which enables them to reduce their IT risks, and maximize their effectiveness. Furthermore, the IT consulting service allots an expert that can improve the clients’ IT infrastructure. At AM-BITS, the professional team tests many different systems and works with those that give the most effective solutions.

The philosophy of the IT consulting team is simple. They produce the IT systems such that it makes life easier for the user and management. The main task of the company is to build systems that remove the manual work and automate processes where possible. The team creates direct and informative reports to help clients’ review data and better understand their business to make more effective decisions. Thus, armed with such a proficient team, AM-BITS gets dubbed amongst the best IT services companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

Helping Organizations to Get Actionable Insights:

AM-BITS afford custom Big Data solutions to complement clients’ current business models with technologies competent in mapping out and presenting massive amounts of data. Through Big Data solutions, the team delivers business intelligence and enhances process automation. AM-BITS holds a team of certified Big Data engineers who ensures the end-to-end development, construction, and implementation cycle of solutions based on Apache Hadoop. The group collects business data that provide enterprises with additional competitive advantages like better interaction with users, faster response times to events, improved forecasting, etc.

The innovative Big Data solutions curated at the company enable the clients to solve any business tasks of managing data in the most effective and cost-efficient way. The team provides several advantageous features, such as optimal storage, on-time processing, information analysis, and forecasting. Thus, giving cost-effective solutions with scalable storage capacity to enterprises endows AM-BITS as one of the leading Big Data Analytics companies in Kyiv at GoodFirms.

Customizing Support Team for Modern Businesses:

AM-BITS is combining all of its multiple solutions and areas of expertise to give the customers simpler and more cohesive results. “With an organization providing all services, it’s a more seamless experience,” – says the CEO. The organization holds dedicated agents who present a concierge level of service to the clients via phone, chat, email, in-app, and social media support.

At AM-BITS, the service team renders technical support to full-scale projects in the areas of network and server equipment, network security systems, data storage systems, and corporate data protection. Moreover, AM-BITS also serve as a service partner of HPE Service Delivery and is certified to provide the services within its area of competency. Furthermore, the company is a direct partner of Cisco AppDynamics and is technically qualified for performing APM systems. Hence, optimizing business applications in the multi-service environment by automated performance monitoring, in-depth analytics, and modernization of IT infrastructure would soon endow AM-BITS as one of the best companies for technical support services listed at GoodFirms.

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