am-bits seminar

New Workshop on Information Security “Cisco Security by AM-BITS”

An insightful workshop on cybersecurity practices “Cisco Security by AM-BITS” was held on Thursday, November 14.

Cisco Am-Bits security
Yevgen Manzhulyanov, CEO of AM-BITS

The AM-BITS team expresses its sincere thanks to everyone who made time for attending the workshop in spite of their busy schedule. We were very pleased to personally communicate in informal settings.
Our special thanks go to the speakers from Cisco – Vladimir Ilibman, Oleg Starodubtsev and Alexander Voitenkov, for informative and relevant reports on the topics: Cisco Security, Cisco Talos, Customer Success. We would also like to express our appreciation to the ERC team for their help in organizing and conducting this event.
We do hope that our guests have gained lots of invaluable insights, and we are always ready to assist in implementing these innovative solutions.
Until next time!